A Dark Billionaire

Book cover - Lana Stone: A Dark Billionaire - Office Romance, Dark Romance, BDSM Romance, Books like 50 Shades,
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I am Liam Knight. Successful, ambitious and dominant.
There are three rules for my personal assistant.
1. you always do what I tell you to do.
2. "Ouch" is not a safe word.
3. if you fall in love, you lose.
I never fall in love, but my new assistant makes me question my entire set of rules ....

I'm Sophia Key, Liam Knight's personal assistant.
For me, there are three rules I must abide by.
1. I always do what he says.
2. "Ouch" is not a safe word.
3. he who falls in love loses ... and I think I'm losing right now!

As New York's most successful business consultant, Liam Knight can do whatever he wants. He plays by his own rules and his attrition of personal assistants is legendary. The reason: he enters into a sensual game of dominance and submission with them.
But Liam's principles begin to waver when he meets Sophia Key, who plays by a completely different set of rules.

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