Deal with the Billionaire

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An immoral offer. The world is his oyster, but all he wants is to see a woman on her knees in front of him.

When Dana Swanson isn't floating through her dreams, the shy chambermaid stumbles from one problem to the next, because she magically attracts chaos.
With Connor Lancester, of all people, the imperious billionaire and heir to the Lancester dynasty, she lands a direct hit that could destroy her future...
But instead, the outrageously handsome Connor makes her an immoral offer Dana can't refuse.
A game of rules and prohibitions, domination and submission, pleasure and pain begins ...

"I want to push you to your limits ... And beyond," Connor murmured.

Dana's body trembled. With tension. With arousal. With fear.

"You're going to hate me for this and love me at the same time. You'll beg me to tear down your boundaries."

If Dana went down this path, Connor would be fire in her hell and salvation in her heaven.

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