Fake it for the Billionaire

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A hot billionaire, a fake engagement and a sinister promise. I should refuse, but I just can't resist him.

To escape from the wedding monster that used to be my mom, I've ended up in New York. So far, so good. If it weren't for this special encounter with Caden Saint that gets me in hot water.
He's forbiddingly sexy, with one hell of a grin that triggers more in me than I'd like.
I was wearing nothing but the radio when he spotted me in his bathtub.
Instead of chasing me away, he makes me an offer: I'll play his fake fiancée and kill two birds with one stone.
First, the wedding monster stops sharpening his claws and second, I'm together overnight with the hottest billionaire on the East Coast.
Everything would be perfect if it weren't for that one, forbidden room for which there is only one rule ... once I enter the room, there are no more rules.
It's only a matter of time before I can no longer resist Caden's bewitching smile, because Caden Saint is many things, but certainly no saint.

Caden Saint
I won't look at you.
I won't touch you.
I won't kiss you.
But if you step into my playoom, I can't guarantee anything.

Aurora Winter
I know I should resist the temptation to open that door.
I know there's a dark side of him lurking there that he's no longer holding back.
I know he's just waiting for me to give in to my curiosity.
But when I enter Caden's playroom, we play by his rules.

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