You are the reason

Book cover - Lana Stone: You are the reason - Surprise Daddy, Surpise Pregnancy, Billionaire, Fake Relationship
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When I enter the wedding hall I have a problem because:

I am not the bride.

Is the bride marrying just for a deal.

I am pregnant by the groom.

It was a hot night. It was supposed to be a no strings attached pleasure. It turned out to be much more. I tried everything to reach him, I promise. But because he not only looks like a marble statue but is just as stubborn, I'm now the one who won't be silent forever.

A sparkling and humorous romance novel with a happy ending guarantee and hot scenes.

All the books in the series are about a different couple, but resolution around the mystery of Billy Bellingham's demise runs through all the volumes. So reading in the right order is more fun.

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